Sunday, March 10, 2013

News, good news.

March 10, Columbia.

I am thrilled to report that my Double Take series picture of Sara and Gigi has been picked by the Vienna International Photo Awards non-profit organization as today's Photo of the Day and can be viewed on their Facebook page.
Other thrillers: Zuzu came back after disappearing for three weeks. She was apparently living in the burned-out house down the street; both the Cat Lady next door to the house and its owner told me they had seen her there. We had put flyers on neighborhood homes' doors, I had gone and sought her out once I learned she was camped in the house, to no avail.
I believe it is Wishbone who brought her home. I let him out on Friday for the first time since Zuzu had gone, and that night when I opened the front door to go look for him there they were, both of them.
I couldn't stop smiling, even though Nicolas was home sick all day and has had a bad dry cough I'm beginning to be worried about.

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