Monday, March 26, 2012

The sky over Belledonne (feeling melancholy.)

March 23, Saint-Ismier.

Fanny's gone.

March 23, Saint-Ismier.

Today was Fanny's last with us.
Fanny was Nicolas' teacher and I loved her as much as he did. She had been substituting for six months and was supposed to come back each Friday to provide a crucial continuity for the kids, but was yanked at the last minute, this afternoon, because the French Education Ministry lacks replacement teachers after years of cutbacks in hiring. She has endured twelve years of this and still remains a great teacher. I'll miss her.

Waiting for spring.

March 18, Saint-Ismier.

It has turned summery, all of a sudden, and it has made life easier, but time still yawns and the days are long, sometimes, even when the kids make them fly, and I long for the companion of my road, and for the road.
We go for walks in the sunny breeze, and Dylan adopts a beetle and sets it down gently back in its post after taking it for a ride, time to listen to a dreadlocked donkey bray, and Nicolas says he's too loud.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bed time around here.

March 8, Saint-Ismier.

Last day on the slopes.

February 26, Saint-Ismier.

Cold, cold still but we can see the end of it, and the snow is wet, and the sleighs slide reluctantly down the slope, the energy is gone.
The sun chased the clouds, and the kids watched.