Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Out-take (backstage.)

July 30, Middlefield.

No trailer and no view.

July 30, Middlefield, Ohio (32 miles, high school grounds.)


July 29, Willowick.

The hat.

July 29, Willowick.

Abraham Gebre is the newest performer to have joined the show this year. A juggler, he comes all the way from Ethiopia, no less, and is uncannily talented.

Balancing act.

July 29, Willowick.


July 29, Willowick.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What's happening backstage.

July 29, Willowick.

We moved to a parking lot last night and Fridman was up until late. I drove the jump with La Tia, as we call Reyna's aunt, and it was a nice change to not drive by myself.
One of my favorite lots of the Kelly Miller Circus season, Willowick and its beautiful water park and pool, legendary-book-sale library (where I am writing now) and bountiful thrift stores. It was cold this morning and has warmed up to a perfectly crisp coolness.

No trailer and no view.

July 29, Willowick, Ohio (25 miles, Dudley Park.)

A note: there are no Trailer with a View because, as you will have surmised by now, we do not live in our trailer anymore when we visit the circus. Fridman's living quarters are our new home, one more (albeit drastic) step in the ongoing downsizing since we started our life on the road almost ten years ago.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Skippin' in the rain.

July 28, Chagrin Falls.

Nicolas skipping on the way to work. The kid was born skipping.
The weather turned horrible yesterday, with severe storms and a deluge of rain that doesn’t seem to ever want to stop.

A moment.

July 27, Chagrin Falls.
As John said, "a Mudshow moment." The kids played Cadoo Cranium as the tent went up this morning in the gorgeous and beautifully named little town of Chagrin Falls, the "falls of sorrow" in French.

No trailer and no view.

July 27, Chagrin Falls, Ohio (19 miles, South Russell Village park.)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Three shows.

July 26, Richfield.
There are three shows today, as always in this town. It's a way to be welcomed back.
The kids are happy playing with their friends again, inside and out. I am happy hiking in the woods behind the village green, and catching up with my circus friends.

No trailer and no view.

July 26, Richfield, Ohio (36 miles, village green.)

Friday, July 25, 2014

We're back at work.

Julty 25, Hartville.
Nicolas is back in the show.
We arrived mid-day from Chicago, where we stayed at Steve's parents, after visiting Steve and Tiffany and other friends in Jacksonville on Wednesday.
It is so good to be among friends.

We're back.

July 25, Hartville, Ohio (some 1,000 miles or so.)

We're back.
Jason juggles against the summer sky.