Saturday, December 15, 2012

Double take (Natalie's family.)

December 23, Hugo.

Saturday, December 01, 2012


December 1, Hugo.


December 1, Hugo.

I had forgotten how draining a child's illness is, how it leaves you feeling as if it were you who had just come out of the dark hours of the pain, emptied and exhausted, even when the illness is such a mundane one as gastroenteritis, better known as stomach flu.
This particular strain hit Nicolas very hard and left him and I actual prisoners of the house as, on top of throwing up with sobering regularity, he couldn't control his bowels and the diapers I ended up having him put on (tight but they fit, thanks Tatiana) had to be changed it seemed every instant. So what started as a lazy day with a kid at home with a little stomach ache quickly turned into hours stretching into long, painful hours and I watched my son groan and whimper, and made the ultimately unnecessary trips to the emergency room, luckily just down the street, but where else can you go to at ten at night when suddenly there is blood in his stools and you're not sure it's OK?
Tonight he is finally better, and I'm a wreck.