Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Travel day.

March 27, Frisco.

Travel day, easy after driving from Columbia, and no major incidents. 
This will be our last traveling with the circus this time around, as we leave on Monday and Kelly Miller will be here for four days, with shows on Friday and Saturday and the traditional day off for Easter on Sunday.
The kids ran outside to play with the Rosales twins.
It's sunny and windy and warmer and I love it.  

A trailer with a view.

March 27, Frisco, Texas (264 miles, FC Dallas Complex fields.)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A trailer with a view.

March 26, Jasper, Texas (77 miles, Lions Rodeo grounds.)


March 25, Shepherd.


March 25, Shepherd.

Video games.

March 25, Shepherd.

Dylan and Nicolas spend hours playing video games with Nathan.  We're home.

A trailer with a view.

March 25, Shepherd, Texas (62 miles, community center.)

We're green.

March 25, Magnolia, Texas (833 miles, Magnolia Educational Center.)

We made it.
We had a rough start on Friday, turned around to spend the night back at the house, the trailer coming apart on the road before a flat tire threatened to land us into the ditch, all before we had reached Jefferson City, twenty-five miles away.  We were intent on getting away before yet-another winter storm hit, but in the end did not see any more of it than drizzle.
We made it, and I still get a jolt each time I look into in my rear-view mirror, the blue of the sky. 
And the green, spring happening.
We made it, we left again on Saturday morning and drove all day, ebbing drizzle nearly all the way along and drenching rain just before Hugo, and never before had I been so happy to see the town, Castro there waiting for us at winter quarters, and I could finally unclench my hands from the steering wheel and my eyes from the rear-view mirrors.
Feeling safe with Castro on board I drove on down today, highway 19 stretching for miles of straight undulation ahead of us, pine trees and ever more green gracing us with spring blooming.  We made it by the afternoon, right before the first show's finale.
We're home.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

News, good news.

March 10, Columbia.

I am thrilled to report that my Double Take series picture of Sara and Gigi has been picked by the Vienna International Photo Awards non-profit organization as today's Photo of the Day and can be viewed on their Facebook page.
Other thrillers: Zuzu came back after disappearing for three weeks. She was apparently living in the burned-out house down the street; both the Cat Lady next door to the house and its owner told me they had seen her there. We had put flyers on neighborhood homes' doors, I had gone and sought her out once I learned she was camped in the house, to no avail.
I believe it is Wishbone who brought her home. I let him out on Friday for the first time since Zuzu had gone, and that night when I opened the front door to go look for him there they were, both of them.
I couldn't stop smiling, even though Nicolas was home sick all day and has had a bad dry cough I'm beginning to be worried about.