Sunday, February 08, 2015

Growing pains.

February 8, Columbia.

 The Mudshow Diaries has been going through growing pains but here it is again, changed and still strong.

I have been reviewing my archives to finalize the edit done at the Fotovisura workshops last summer, and finding gems along the way. I have been busy raising my kids, keeping my home, interpreting for the public schools, teaching French, and jump-starting my photography business, and through it all what has kept me going, as it always does, is the beauty of the moment, life itself in every moment, however difficult, as it has been this past year, and breathing that beauty through the lens.

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Cinema67 said...

Boy, what a day when I open up my Circus blog folder and here you are again.
I have missed your postings both Kelly-Miller and your observations on life.

The boys must be growing like mad.
Aren't the kids missing the circus life?
Fill us in from time to time.
Are you in Florida or Texas?
(I really miss the "out the trailer" window)
Jon Walker
Spencer, IN.
The Square Donut Man