Monday, August 04, 2014

Kelleys Island crossing.

August 4, Kelleys Island.

We almost didn’t make it onto the island last night. The truck that has our house on top is on its death throes and Fridman had to use something short of magic to make it go on and arrive at the ferry landing in time for the last ferry crossing. We went out for a bite and the traditional first night out, even though the kids were tired (Nicolas fell asleep as we were waiting for Fridman and missed the crossing; he was cranky as ever upon waking up when we got onto the field.)
Today we went by the kids’ chosen schedule: they have been talking about the mini golf for days so that was the first stop, followed by some arcade games and ice cream before heading for the beach and meeting the Moss family there. During the first show Jeremiah made a giant BBQ and the kids played soccer by the tent next to the cookhouse.

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