Friday, April 04, 2014

The red balloon (Fridman and Sammy.)

March 29, Hot Springs Village.


Cinema67 said...

Boy what a way to start my day.
I log on and You are once again posting for all to see.
I truly missed your pictures and posts. I enjoyed your vacation photos of the Peru visit. Had studied the county many years ago in collage and swore that one day I would visit there. I never made it but your pictures relived my past passion.
Thanks.Tell the family hi since I just figured out that you have been visiting during Spring break.
I really did miss your posts the past couple of months. Since Steve n Ryan left you are the only real connection to KM.
I still follow Steve and Ryan on the other show I still cant spell without looking it up. But its not the same.
Drive carefully.
Jon Walker, Spencer IN
"donut man"

Valerie said...

Thanks, Jon!
Unfortunately only one week on the road...