Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Same old.

March 23, Idabel, Oklahoma (corner lot, 41 miles.)

Same lot as always, beautiful in quiet way, except today it is also soggy, making for the usual slow parking ballet and attached inconveniences.
I stay off the lot so as to be in the way.
It is chilly, even though it would have seemed balmy just a week ago in Columbia, and maybe it is because I am away from what has become my home I feel unhinged, or maybe it's the chill. I feel a little sick all day and sleep for most of it, before going to see the second show. The kids are playing video games at Sammy's house, then at Nathan's.
The tractor trailers have left bug scars in the field, there is a pool of water by our door, good thing I thought of bringing the rain boots.
After the shows and Fridman's work hitching the trailers we go out to eat and find ourselves back at the circus at the Chinese buffet restaurant.

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