Friday, April 04, 2014

Mud show.

March 28, 2014, Glenwood, Arkansas (rest area along highway 70, 22 miles.)

We had rain on and off all day yesterday, sometimes heavy, and this morning a deep fog covered everything along the road. There was yet another torrential downpour just moments ago, and the dirt lot along state highway 70 has turned into the usual muddy mess, large ravines of soaked red clay, pools of water where the soil cannot absorb any more.
My eye is doing much better, restored to its normal state of seeing at last.
We are planning a small celebration  after the shows for Nicolas’ birthday either tomorrow or Sunday with the Moss family. He turns seven on Monday but we will be traveling back to Columbia then.
(Later.) This is not a rest area but a field of dirt next to the rest area and it has become a mud bowl after more torrential rains that started right before the second show. AS Fridman stepped out of our quarters to go to doors we stared at a brownish lake stretching in all directions; the tent was flooded, a realm of mud and water.
Tomorrow should be sunny and breezy and we are on pavement.

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