Sunday, April 20, 2014


April 20, Mount Vernon.

The Kelly Miller Easter Egg Hunt was this morning and Dylan won the Most Real Eggs category - and I lost his prize money. He had woken up early, at six thirty, and I ended up having to drive to get coffee with him just to pass time until the light was back on and the day started. Later there was a lunch at a restaurant right there on the airport grounds, and the traditional Easter Bonnet contest, duly won by Jacob and his bike/skate park hat entirely made of cardboard boxes.
The rest of the day off (the other day off will be for Mother’s Day but the circus will be too far to join then) was spent fixing this and that on the PT Cruiser under a hot sun.
I've decided to go back tomorrow morning and not tonight; the kids have not missed any school other than the delayed trip to Peru and the hours are precious.

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