Thursday, August 29, 2013

Long nights of summer.

August 29, Columbia.

We're having the summer we never had with the circus.
An uber-summer, all heat and haze and splashes.
The kids' school had a pool party tonight at one of those facilities with slides and sprays, this is our summer, the first week of school, it felt so good after a day in the non-air-conditioned car covering town promoting my business, after days of this, it felt so good, new friends there, carefree sunset in a cacophony of kids, rainbow kids, our school, up with a great party (and free pizza.)
Upper nineties and rising all week, reaching into the hundreds with the humidity over the week end, possible, but still no AC, it feels good to drink in the summer, barefoot on the wood floors, the smells and sounds as the evening freshness descends, memories of childhood summers in the South of France, pine trees and cricket songs and long yearning nights, long gone.
A late summer, vivid memories, the joy of my children making them.

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