Monday, July 01, 2013

Time again.

July 1, North Andover.

I've enjoyed taking pictures of Don Fusco, the patriarch of the Fusco family, and now that he told me this would be his last year performing the sessions have become a tribute, and an occasion to reflect once again on the passing of time.
Time, the clay I try to shape into meaning, the passing of time, Don Fusco's last days in the limelight, the end of a circus career, a life in the circus, a life carried on by his children, the extended family, how things change and stay the same, trying to shape and twist and delve into time my primary material, but really what I'm trying to do is to challenge death and the passing of people and passions into dust with visions of beauty in my eyes.


Lane Taburt said...

More than a half dozen years ago, when the entire Fusco family was trouping on Carson and Barnes, the patriarch stepped out of his trailer (parked on a tri-level lot in Ellsberry, MO, just west of the Mississippi River) and broke his leg on the uneven surface. Ah the joys of being with it and for it. The Fuscos have become tanbark legends.

Geraldine said...

Om Shanti to you and your fellow travellers