Sunday, July 21, 2013

Thank you.

July 21, Aurora.

This is when you want it to go on forever.
Thank you, once again, to Krista Tippett for her show On Being today.
Thank you for taking us to Detroit this morning on an adventure in rare truth and guts, thank you for a fascinating, exhilarating interview of Grace Lee Boggs and others in her move. Thank you for thrilling and inspirational show (another one!) and if it weren't for my kids I would pack my bags and move to the Motor City to be part of this moment in history, this moment of crisis a rebirth, an opportunity for things better, a moment in conscience, in truth, or as Mrs. Boggs said, What a time to be alive!
And what a joy to hear such people, their intelligence and grace, their independence and pride contagious, people with hearts and eyes wide open, revolutionaries, their wisdom, their strength, the hope they spread like fire.

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