Saturday, July 20, 2013

Like a farm.

July 20, Windham.

A soaked arrival, parked all crooked behind Radar, it rained all night, or so it seemed, and hard this morning, and even though the reprieve from the heat  feels good, here in the circus rain, even in the best of cases, makes life difficult.
A mud show is a moveable farm; we are forever studying the skies (or rather our smart phones,) all dependent on the weather, for it hits us head on.
With the rain come stuck tractor trailers and recreational trailers, acres of mud, flooded midways and backstage, cramped humid quarters full of wet clothes that never dry. Heat brings dust and dangerous work conditions, and cold, well, cold weather is what we try our hardest to avoid simply because it is the most challenging environment we can work in. Muscles don't work well in the cold, trailers offer no adequate protection to the cold, but mostly people usually don't show up in droves to sit in an unheated tent.
I found myself forgetting about how directly the weather affects the circus when I was in Columbia earlier this year, cozy in my house with round-the-clock power and paved driveway (well, not exactly but close enough.)

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