Monday, July 22, 2013

Bogged down.

July 22, Willowick.

In three days we went from public housing in Windham to Victorian mansions in Aurora and on to the one-story fifties bungalows of Willowick, or a quick and imperfect summary of the American class system, although I am willing to bet that most of these folks in Willowick have been fast losing their grip on the ladder in the past five years and are getting bogged down.
There was widespread flooding here last week it looks like; we arrived to streets dotted with wet carpets, furniture and other belongings piled on the curb in front of almost every house down every street we drove along (and my favorite library of the year, too, flooded.)
More rain today, too, at times heavy, bogged down leaving the Aurora lot this morning and no doubt bogged down tomorrow morning again.

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