Thursday, June 20, 2013

The days.

June 20, Bangor.

There will be no missing the dreaded heavy New Jersey commute traffic on the morning jump. This morning was as bad as they come, along Route 18 then Route 622 then highway 287 and I-80, jam-packed with rushing cars.
I remembered the lot we are on today as we drove in, the steam engine skeletons the kids climbed on to last year, and last year seems so far away in their eyes.
The days go fast now, they swirl, the drives, school in the morning, often we start late because I hate to wake up the boys when it's summer after all and they've worked so hard, and still do, and so we're late, as this morning, and there is hardly time to eat before heading to practice, and then there are the errands, sometimes more school, always something or other, when Fridman is not busy fixing somebody's problem or ours, the leaks, the bikes, always something or other, and the pictures always, and soon it's show time and getting Dylan, and now Nicolas, ready for it, walking them and watching them and walking back and undressing them as they struggle to race to their newest craze, video games, but only for an hour because they are nothing more than a drug and I don't like them one bit but here we are, the video game craze is on already, an hour, and soon enough it's the second show and the same dance and it's time for a shower and dinner and reading a book or two or three and crash, the day is gone.
We'll do the same tomorrow, if all goes well.


Susabelle said...

I was one of those mean moms. I never allowed them in my house, ever, for any reason. Of course as soon as the teenagers moved out they bought them themselves, and play them endlessly, but at least I didn't give them a head start when they were young. Seems like such a waste of time and brain power!

Bardon said...

Are kids were born in the early to mid-80s when the craze was just starting so we were able to not "jump on the bandwagon" but now it's hard with all the other technology in our face as well. We will be visiting the show tomorrow. Hope to catch up with you. Don and Barb

Valérie Berta Torales said...

Susabelle, you did better than I do, I could not avoid them for all I tried, and all I can say in my defense is that it's Fridman that pushed to allow the games in our house... Sigh.