Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Travels and more.

June 24, Mendon.

Travel day today with no major problems.
Steve's truck broke down and the cookhouse truck had issues, both less than twenty miles from the lot, but we were fine all the way, stopped to dump, ate our sandwiches. Bad surprise upon arriving as the lot is rough and seriously downhill. I got stuck trying to park, and Castro and Fridman got stuck trying to tow me out of my hole with the tire truck. We're on three blocks and still glasses and other kitchen wares have a tendency to slide as you set them down on the table. Circus trailer of Pisa; I'm glad nobody is coming to visit today.
Kris and Liz came to visit in Bergen County and couldn't get a ticket to the show: it was sold out. Volunteers were out in droves all day, directing traffic and milling about, and they even printed a flyer to welcome us to the neighborhood, with detailed directions to the nearest amenities. Both shows were full but the audience was surprisingly unresponsive, and neither Nicolas nor Dylan got any of the usual Oooohhh reaction when they come skipping out with the giant balloon, all smiles and kid twinkle.

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