Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stone soup.

June 27, Berkley, Massachusetts (17 miles, American Legion grounds.)

We moved tonight, after an incident in which someone broke into a trailer left all of us feeling unsafe, trapped into a cramped lot in the middle of old brick industrial buildings, a bar and one too many tattoos.
The day had begun with a difficult route, then the cramped lot, and the heat and humidity.
Things took a turn for the better when Sister Dorothy, one of our neighbors for the day for we were parked on the side of management, asked for a space to settle her teaching quarters, and I offered our porch. She teaches the Rosales twins, and I in turn asked if Dylan could read to them as part of their lessons; she agreed. We'd been reading a book called Stone Soup and he enjoyed it greatly so I thought having him read it to others would make a nice change in our daily school routine and bring some relief to our daily school battles. The result was even better than expected: Sister Dorothy, who is a teacher by trade, rose up to the occasion and directed our improvised little class of five (Nicolas joined in) along a lively, and funny, text comprehension path that left the kids excitedly planning the making of a communal traveling circus stone soup. You bring the long, thin carrots, we'll bring the juicy beef bones - and Sister Dorothy offered to bring the stone.
We'd never had so much fun reading. Dylan and I went on to do math and to read French, and then the rest of the daily routine took over as usual, until the incident and the change of plans, the night move.
I took pictures of Raul again, and ran out to see what the sunset's orange light was doing to the sky, only to find a rainbow enfolding the big top like a glass jar.
Tonight the jump was uneventful and quick, and I am writing this as I wait for Fridman, who drove back to get the trailer left behind because it is missing its truck (it broke down during Monday's big jump; it's in a shop.) He drove last night too, a much bigger distance and many a wrong turn.
The house is wonderfully quiet.
Another circus day, another circus night.

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