Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Into the east.

June 4, Olney.

We've made our entry into the East Coast with our annual stop in Olney for two days, and we are still on the same beautiful lot as always, even though it looked like it was slated for development last year. The old, dizzyingly tall trees ringing the tent are as just as majestic as I remember them, and more, for there is my tree passion freshly renewed, and so this already looks like the circus season of the trees, after the seasons of the historic houses.  I find myself looking up everywhere I go, trying to identify the trees, and giving them silent reverence. We are not parked as well as the years before though, when it felt as if we had our own private yard under the canopy to settle under for a morning coffee.
The traffic was horrible on the jump this morning, and I found myself madly gripping the stirring wheel for two hour straight. We made our annual trip to the thrift store on the lot after home school and got more books, and the perfect white shirts to finish off what I had already found at other thrift stores for Dylan and Nicolas wardrobe.

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