Saturday, June 29, 2013


June 28, Acushnet.

They must have heard us on the other side of the tent, and up in the heavens too if there are any friends' souls up there.
It was one of these reunions you dream about, twenty years and not a wrinkle to the sweetness, your love, the strength of your bond, that flashing submerging feeling of belonging to a friend as one belongs to a place, an idea, a passion.
Bitsy is back in my life and that blazing hug and yell is all it took. Bitsy's here, Bitsy's back, and life is that much more worth living for, oh yes, with one of those friendships that give it meaning and fortitude, and joy. She has become a globe-trotting new media business superwoman and she's exactly the same person, self-deprecating humor, warmth, red-headed flame, that she was then. I am grateful for Mary Beth's friendship too, she also visited yesterday with her boys, and we had our Missouri reunion to our giddy selves (we went to journalism grad school together and there we met,) and even Bisty's Mom was here, and she's such a sweetheart and a beauty.
It was an Irish summer day, all drizzle and cool, it was warmed with our laughter.
After they all had left and all was quiet and a little sad the way it is after something good has ended, the mist rolled in, as on cue, and the circus was shrouded in a beautiful, misty dusk.

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