Saturday, June 15, 2013

Back to mud.

June 14, Carteret.

There was rain on and off all day, and as a result, but also because of traffic, we jumped at night again, a longer jump this time, and still the rain, and the construction on the Turnpike. When we arrived everybody was backed up on the parking lot, for the generator truck had gotten stuck in the soggy grass field, and where we stopped is where we spent the night.
Even though the severe weather never materialized for us in Browns-Mills yesterday the rain was ongoing and at times heavy, and setting up the tent here this morning was the expected muddy mess, and then some. The city ended up hauling in dry dirt to make a clean entry for the public. We didn't practice as the tent crew were still working by mid-day bringing the bleachers in.
Circus work and then some.

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