Monday, May 06, 2013


April 25, Columbia.

We're going to the circus.
Fridman is somewhere along I-70 as I write, on his way here from Farmington, south of Saint-Louis, and we'll go tomorrow mid-day, picking up the kids from school early before hitting the road for a little more than a three hour drive back to the circus (Today was a travel day at Kelly Miller, and nothing happened on the road to delay arrival, so Fridman was able to leave.)
This week, for no reason I know of other than maybe he's getting more comfortable among his classmates, or maybe just because chance is what makes the world go round, Dylan told his friend at school about his Dad and the circus, and they went online and found photos and videos of him and now he's proud as can be because they all think it's so cool, Dylan's Dad walking upside down thirty-five feet up in the air like that.
Dad is home, and the circus is so close we can visit.
Summer is around the corner.

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