Friday, October 12, 2012

Bad news in latin.

October 11, Bendl.

So I have osteochondritis dissecans.
It's latin for "Sorry but your bones are dying off."
Or, my left knee started hurting badly last night and today I can't walk without limping.
It feels just like ten years ago, when my other knee was diagnosed with a rare disease that involves a list of scary phenomenons like reduced blood flow to the knee bone and detached cartilage and bone fragments.  I had surgery and it didn't work.  My right knee has been bothering me on and off all this time, and now it's the left, too.
Mulling this tonight as I try not to panic, and if I'm right in my self-diagnosis, it occurs to me that the first outburst of the disease happened as I was getting ready to move to California from Jacksonville and start a new job at a newspaper there, and that now is exactly one of these times again, a time of change and stress and its cohort of personal upheaval and emotional roller-coaster.  If I am right and this is a recurrence of the disease then all my plans once again are up in the air, as I'll need surgery right away if I am not to walk through life not only being in excruciating pain at every step, but also not being able to work or care for the kids by myself.


Anonymous said...

I could go on for hours about how cod liver oil has helped me but for now I wil just tell you to go to wal mart, go to the vitamin section, get a bottle of pleasantly orange flavored Norwiegan Cod Liver Oil. Take a TABLESPOON every day. You should notice results by the time you are done with the first bottle. It gave me my knees back. I am 51 and my entire body feels like it did when I was back in my 30's. I call it a fountain of youth in a bottle. It will be the best $8 you ever spend. I have been taking it for 2 years. I don't plan to stop. Good Luck !

Valerie said...

My mother used to give it to us when we were kids. I have tried flax seeds lately, fearing the heavy minerals in cod liver oil, but darn, osteochondritis dissecans or not, yes, I'll try it, what is there to lose?
I tried acupuncture after the failed first surgery and it worked beautifully, too, so that's also on my list before considering the scalpel. Mrs. North, and the Little Sisters, also swear by bio energy, or magnetism treatments, so I'll try that too.

Anonymous said...

Everyone that tell about the cod liver oil says the same thing.
" My mother gave it to me when I was little. " My mother gave it to us too in the form of chewable tablets. I asked her why she gave it to us and she said because her mother gave it to her. She said she thought it was so they wouldn't get sick.
I haven't had a cold of any kind in 2 years.

Valérie Berta Torales said...

She used to spoon it to us... bad, but not as bad as a big spoonful of olive oil, which we both tried as adults.

Unknown said...

Cod liver oil strengthens the bones. It allows calcium to properly absorb into the bones due to its high vitamin k2 content. It also prevents calcification of the body since it pulls calcium into the bones where it belongs. Its hands down one the greatest super foods on the planet. I wrote more about it at