Tuesday, August 28, 2012

All rained in.

August 28, Hebron.

We discovered a major leak this morning, right along our bed, in the alcove above the driving area. 
The water has literally accumulated, for who knows how long, Fridman thought he had stopped the leak last year after we bought the motor home,   it has piled in there, under the mattress and along the alcove's front window, slowly rotting all the supporting wood frames, permeating the entire board frame under the bed, seeping from it, and from the mattress, and finally this morning, after the rains of the last couple of days, staining the sheets, giving itself away.
There is a gaping hole in our house today, and flies are having a field day, as Fridman took the window off to let the whole thing dry as much as possible.
We just checked if it had by pressing on the frame, and water keeps on seeping out.

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