Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stressful, and stupid.

May 25, Farmington.

Stupid is the word.
After a stressful jump this morning, Nicolas waking up vomiting and coughing, we had to stop as he was sick, and heaving, a three-mile steep uphill stretch before town, and two circus vehicles down again, Casey and the Fuscos with Armando at the top of the hill, I made it to the lot fine once again, only to go on and be stupid, parking myself when Alex didn't appear.
You don't park yourself in the circus; that's someone else's job, and a golden rule, not to mention something I've known perfectly well since the first day on the road with Chimera. Jim Judkins was an angry manager and if you made one mistake it would cost you in seething stares, so I am grateful Gustavo is the fleet boss here.
He wasn't even angry, when he should have been.

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