Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Dude day.

May 26, Grantsville.

I was hoping to go back to Morgantown to see my friend Joel, a professor and a fellow documentary journalist, but it is too far. We spent the afternoon on Tuesday, left the kids at home with Dana and had a couple of hours to hang out at Joel's office. He had on a Big Lebowski tee-shirt, we're both big fans, we kept joking about the scene where Mr. Lebowski asks The Dude if he has a job.
The lot is nice today but there isn't anything in town as far as groceries and we have no drinking water left. Yesterday was just a crossroad on the National Pike, and tomorrow, Hancock, is not much better, although there is a mediocre grocery store.
I took the kids hiking at the Fort Necessity National Battlefield state park yesterday, such a beautiful day in the mountains of the Laurel Highlands, and we learned about the National Pike, how it used to be the road West at the time of the Revolutionary War, and about the battle that took place at the site, with the British, led by George Washington, against the French, the first of many battles in the French and Indian War for what was was called the Ohio territory, really what was the entire North American continent to the pilgrims then. As always, I wished I could stay a little longer than a day.
There were two steep downhill grades this morning, the thirteen percent mercifully short, and again the Fuscos by the side of the road, so I traveled alone one more time.
Dylan started being ill last night with what seems like the same bug as Nicolas, was feeling better this morning, then felt bad again.

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