Saturday, September 04, 2010

Joining the movement.

September 4, Schererville.

Thanks to Jo, Tavana, Aaron and all the circus folks who contributed for the surprising success of the Kelly Miller Circus recycling program's first official day!
After I had shamefully given up on trying to get the circus to share my commitment to recycling, it was Little Sister Jo and later Tavana who started things up again, and at the end of the day yesterday I gleefully stuffed the circus van was full of cans and bottles and cardboard for Aaron to drive to a recycling center up the street.
This was a lighthearted day for me, after my friend Geraldine's virtual reappearance. We are green by necessity in the traveling circus business (thirty-gallon-a-day water use, no electricity at night, most cooking done on premises) but this really brings us full circle, if one can say so in a tented show.


Crystal said...

That's so absolutely fantastic! Great job KMC!

geraldine said...