Friday, September 03, 2010

A blast from the past.

September 3, Hebron.

There was a time bomb in my inbox this morning.
I first noticed in the Followers section of this blog, someone who just joined claiming to be a "blast from the past, punk days." Then there was an email.
And then I was blasted into the past all right, circa 1985 in Paris, a pyramid of girls (the collage on my trunk/purse with an American football player) with punk hairdos (and I even have kind of a similar one, what were the chances? - only I lost the baby cheeks) posing carefully for posterity (but were we really thinking of that back then? how could we have been thinking of looking back from so far away when next week-end and the band we so wanted to see was the sole horizon of our lives?)
The photographer was my friend Geraldine Gautier, she just came back in my life, and U couldn't be happier.
A blast from the past, a feast only our new intimately connected lives can offer.


geraldine said...

Sandrine at the top, then Fifi, Catherine looking up, Zhora cuddling up to you! The other one just happen to be there, wasn't really a friend..

Valérie Berta Torales said...

Yep, I ended up guessing all of us, but was failing on that odd one...

Whatever happened to Zohra?
If you're out there, Z, let us know, I love you, would love to see you again.