Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Portrait of Cathy, and some circus family news.

August 31, Burnettsville.

I was going backstage to get a picture of people getting ready.
Then a picture of Cathy just appeared.
It's been a hot day, a slow day for the show.
It's been a family day for the Fuscos, as the twins arrived yesterday with wives and children in tow. Tomorrow will be a sad day for our circus family as LeBron is leaving to go home and take care of his ailing parents.
I'll miss him, his wave in the morning when we drive through town and see him walking, a sure sign we have arrived. Goodbye and see you soon.


Lane Taburt said...

With LeBron Harris' background in accounting (that's Professor or Dr. Harris, if you please) and his passion for all things circus, the Kelly-Miller team has been fortunate to have had his services in the office/ticket wagon. Best wishes to yo, LeBron.

RhodyRed said...

really nice picture - Valerie. I can't wait to buy the book and/or limited edition portfolio of the Mudshow