Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rain drops.

October 26, Hugo, Oklahoma (112 miles, winter quarters.)

Four hours of boring highway driving and we're back in Hugo.
It rained all along; it's still raining here.
Things forgotten along the year, not so important maybe, how people would pass our slow trailers across a double yellow line on blind country roads, over and over again, risking their lives for a minute; how even though Fridman quit driving the tire truck some time in September and thus got onto the lot a lot earlier Chris would keep parking us all the way out, like pariahs; how some people would rush out of the lot in the morning ahead of call time protocol, as there were a race going on for first spot onto the next lot; how all this and all that; how the mud show gets under your skin even as it wears you down and I'm not raising the tent every day seven days a week.
The route slip gave thanks to all for a record-breaking year and I wonder what records were broken.
Rain drops count, most likely.

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