Wednesday, August 19, 2009


August 19, Empire.

Zefta and Yolanda both are leaving in a few days, back to Hugo and school for the former and to work in another circus with her mother for the latter.
I never tire of trying to paint their striking faces.


Harry Kingston said...

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your photos on your blog.
I have been taking circus photos since 1970 and it is hit and miss with us fans. As we have very litle time to get it all in a day.
You are with it every day and see stuff we never get to see and capture it on your camera.
You ought to write a book and fill it with your great photos.
As a photographer I am very critical of photos as to color and focus and composition. You have it all in your work. And very well done as the photos look like they are taken by a pro.
If you do a book I will buy the first two autographed copies.
Every circus fan worth anything would love to see your work in print.
Harry Kingston
Beaumont, Texas
A big fan of Kelly Miller and what John Ringling North II has done to help the circus.

Valérie Berta Torales said...

Thank you for your appreciation.
I will take you up on that double autographed purchase if there is ever a book published...