Wednesday, August 26, 2009

After the fall.

August 26, Hastings.

Courtney was in severe pain for most of the night, crying out, her foot on fire. She spent the night with us, I didn't want her to be alone, and Fridman stayed up to help her take her pain medicine in the middle of the night. When it wears off it's horrible, she says.
From now on it's been decided she'll stay in the Jomar, Mr. North's motor home, where she will travel too, like this morning, laying on the couch. She is frustrated and angry about not being able to move, about being utterly dependent on others, unable to do even the most simple tasks, just to reach for something, to drink a sip of water from a bottle. She hated the hospital, said she got better care in China. Reyna and John, Tavana, the little sisters, Fridman and I are attending to all her needs.
She's having a movie date with Dylan right now.

Leaving the hospital yesterday afternoon.


Harry Kingston said...

Please wish Courtney a speedy recovery and she is young and she ought to get well quick.
Lovely Luawana Lady will not be the same till she returns to the lofty dome of the big top.
Yes hospitals are a real bummer but sometimes we need them to stay alive.
All us fans are pulling for her.
Valerie, thanks so much for keeping up with day by day on Km as we check you every day.
Looks like Steve is burned out on his blog and maybe too much partying every night.
Keep up the great work for us fans.
Harry Kingston
Beaumont, Texas
A fan of Kelly Miller Circus

Valérie Berta Torales said...

Thanks harry, I'll pass your well wishes along. She's already doing better today.


Courtney I wish you a speedy recovery and was very sad to read of your fall. Lovely Luawanna lady will be back in the air in no time, I promise you. Like Harry said, all of us fans are pulling for you . Valerie, THANK YOU very much for your great daily blog and the wonderful photos, I sure appreaciate them. The 2009 edition of the Kelly Miller Circus is fabulous, I got to talk to Steve in Breckenridge, Mich. If I would have had more time I would have liked to have met you and also Casey who I rememeber from the Franzen Bros. Circus . Maybe next season . And Courtney....keep smiling!..the days will pass ..and soon you will flying high over the center ring once again...becuase YOU ARE CIRCUS!

Rod Pringle
Lansing, Michigan
An old show organist and fan

Rose said...

I also wish Courtney a fast and full recovery.

I'm also a regular reader of your blog, Valerie (as well as Casey's and Steve's). "visiting" with you each day makes we readers, I think, feel connected to your lives.

This although, at best, we are silent observers. Known only for the footprints our comments leave.

I am often inspired by your photographs, and look to them as fuel for my own (far more humble and unschooled) photo projects. I learn from them and deeply appreciate them and your blog.

Hope the day goes well for you, Courtney and your family.


Valérie Berta Torales said...

Thank you all for all your notes and thoughts, I just brought the computer over to Courtney for her to read them and she said it made her feel better. (She's just now into yet another movie date with Dylan - I'm sure she'll be extremely well versed in Disney before she can walk again.)