Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last pictures.

April 29, Rising Sun.

We finally got to do the group picture for the 2009 program today, and as we had decided to include everyone, not just the performers, there were more than 60 people to line up. Later I also took a picture of John Ringling North II, Kelly Miller Circus' owner, who is here with us, to include in the program along with a short bio he's written.

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Matthew said...

Valerie, it was so great to see you last night and thank you for inviting me into your life and home- it was a great evening. I would really have regretted not seeing you (had I missed your message). The children are so beautiful and alive, they come from two great spirits! I really enjoyed seeing and meeting them- such sweet little ones. You seem well and I am sorry that we didn't have more "adult" time to visit, but I felt that I was (which is true) interrupting your work day. I so enjoyed sitting behind the tent with you and the children last night- such an incredibly beautiful evening!

Again, it was so great to see you last night and meet your family- I hope we will find another excuse to meet up soon when there is more time and fewer diversions. I really would love the kids to meet your children-

Have a great morinig and say hello to all!