Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Amish lesson.

July 29, Middlefield.

Middlefield is a major Old Order Amish hub and they came in droves to the shows. In the second one especially the bleachers were a sea of white hats and bonnets and soft blue-toned hues. A row of black buggies were parked outside near our trailers and I couldn't resist going over once the show started to see how they were made (beautifully.) I couldn't resist watching them walk by either, fascinated, time and again. Looking on the internet to learn a little more about them I was reminded, too, why I'd always been attracted, beyond the old times appeal: the focus on humility, on community, the non-violence, the pacifism.

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MatCoes said...

...and they just LOVE a circus. I was just remembering that today while working on my house. Those folks know how to laugh. Very gratifying for a clown.
Again, I love your blog. Thank you.